Producers of fine American hardwoods for distribution across
the United States and around the World.

dimensional products 

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A significant portion of our finest walnut is set aside for firearms
manufacturers, both domestic and international.  Beauty, strength and
machinability are prerequisites for the production of gunstocks, and walnut
is the perfect material.

Specially purchased logs are sawn into planks and rough stock patterns are
hand drawn.  After the forms are cut, they are double end-coated for
additional protection and then air dried for up to 60 days.  A subsequent
kiln drying of 120 to 150 days prepares the wood for its eventual machining.
A constant grade and defects inspection ensures that only the finest
material is selected.

Upon final inspection, the readied blanks are stretch-wrapped in plastic
film for optimum protection during shipment. A final turning and finishing is
performed by manufacturers around the world.
Midwest Walnut continues to break new ground in the use and application of
walnut.  Dimensional products like luxury car steering wheels and walnut
moldings round out the product line.


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